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Creating a Memorable Event with Favors and Giveaways

Making a lasting impression!

When planning a big event whether it's a wedding, tradeshow, or special event the devil is in the details. The events that have the biggest and most lasting impact create an experience for their guests. Favors and takeaways are the icing on the cake. It is your opportunity to create something that will be a reminder of the amazing event that they attended. It's also a great way to show your guests you appreciate their attendance and support. Here are some tips for picking a memorable favor that they will love!

Continuing the Theme

For themed events, it is important to continue it into the giveaway. It allows your guests to be fully immersed into the experience and be wowed by the thought that went into it. Guests will be impressed with the details and it will create the buzz that you want to get the word out. A successful event accomplishes two things: 1. all of your guests are enjoying themselves and 2. they are telling others by sharing their experience.

Add a Personalized Twist

The best favors at a personal event such as a wedding or shower are those that have a special meaning to the person or persons that the event is honoring. It provides the guests a more personal connection. Think of something that is unique to the guest(s) of honor, are they an avid coffee drinker? Create a bag of their favorite flavor. Do they love to cook? Create recipe cards with their favorite creations.

Make it Usable

Something that’s functional is always a great way to go, sending attendees home with a memento to commemorate the event for weeks (or even years) to come. Guests are much more appreciative of items that they can use beyond the day of the event. It also gives more exposure for giveaways from events for branding opportunities. For special events, it is a reminder of a joyful occasion of togetherness.

Presentation Matters

To really get that wow factor, think about presentation. This can be any where from a simple cute tag or sticker to thank your attendees to a large display. Individually, it could be a nice wrapping or box for the favor. Will the favor be a part of the tablespace at each place setting or put together on a beautiful display? Either way provides the opportunity to showcase them and add to the overall experience.

Event planning is an exciting time. Enjoy the process and create an occasion that everyone will be sure to love while keeping the focus on the purpose of the event.

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