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Creating Eye-Catching Design and Transforming Your Space - Meet Chris Jones

Updated: May 20, 2021

From transforming an empty hotel space into an Island of Adventure to creating a fully immersive experience for a children’s hotel project in Phuket Thailand, Chris Jones, owner of Adaptiv Design Concepts has been busy with innovative and philanthropic initiatives.

Chris’ first interior project which was inspired by his daughter’s arrival was a dream nursery fit with a custom carriage crib. This design included a custom wall mural, cushioned multi-patterned flooring and a full wall letter block armoire. It was a magazine worthy design - literally!

The crib quickly went viral in the early days of social media and went on to be on the cover of multiple catalogs. It also was featured in People magazine as being on the wish list for “Beyonce’s” child.

Chris Jones has been creative since early childhood. He can remember from a young age always drawing, painting or fabricating something. He went on to major in Graphic Design at West Virginia University and within the school’s art program was able to hone his skills in sculpture, illustration and painting. After graduating, Chris went on to work in the graphic design/marketing field for 12 years. Inspired by his own children, Chris states “I refocused my interests and got back to my roots of fabrication and began to specialize in kids’ interiors.”

In 2017, Chris helped start Adaptiv Design Concepts as lead creative director and married his original focus of residential kid’s interiors and adding commercial interiors. Adaptiv Design Concepts has the ability to create custom designs with functional items. One of their best products that they have created is their patented pegwall system, myWall.

The myWall system was created with the idea of having a product that would be able to adapt and evolve over time for the end user. The system is used in both residential and commercial spaces and offers multiple configurations as well as accessories. With living spaces and display areas around the world getting smaller, myWall takes the design vertical. The myWall now becomes the visual display while offering storage, mountable surface, work and playspace. The myWall won an honoree award in the top 7 of Interior Design Magazine 2017 Best of Year Award. Adaptive Design Concepts is a forward-thinking company, and the vision is to produce more unique projects for new clients.

Chroma Imaging is excited about the partnership with Adaptiv Design Concepts and the addition of the myWall system to meet our client needs!

Learn more about the myWall system here:


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