Dua Coffee

Custom Interior Build and Graphics


Dua Coffee is the first Indonesian specialty coffee shop in the Washington DC. They wanted to create a natural, clean, open environment to showcase their products and give their customers a relaxing atmosphere. They were looking to upgrade their look and create a space that reflects their brand.


Our team met with Dua Coffee to determine solutions for each area to create one cohesive look. We created custom counters with cabinets and shelves. We also created custom counter space with logos to serve as a fixings bar. We designed, produced and installed interior graphics to showcase their flavor options as well as window graphics to display their logo.

Virginia Academy 

Back-To-School Solutions


Virginia Academy opened in Loundoun County Virginia in 1997. It has grown into one of the largest private schools in the area offering Preschool through 12th-grade. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the school needed solutions to prepare it to reopen safely for it's staff and students. 


Our goal was to visit the school and determine what solutions would work best for their classrooms, art rooms as well as their staff desks. We installed several solutions including large table partitions, small table partitions and staff desk partitions. 

Golden Path Academy 

Interior Business Graphics


Golden Path Academy is a child development center opening a new location in Stephenson, VA.  They were in need of internal graphics to provide direction, branding and flair. We were brought in to work as collaboration with AdaptivDC. AdaptivDC created the design of the project and our objective was the production of the creative elements as well as the installation.


Our goal was to produce the creative elements with high quality vibrant colors and install them into the new building. The scope of the project included vinyl printed graphics, vinyl frosted window/door graphics, custom cut room name plates and a 3D wall mounted logo. The production and installation were all done in-house. 

Together Again Expo

Tradeshow Graphics


Together Again Expo is an event created by Alliance Exposition Services to reunite businesses safely in a tradeshow environment both in person and virtually. The event took place on July 24th, 2020 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The event required a large amount of signage to cover the venue with branding as well as provide directional messaging to the attendees. 


Our goal was to provide a large variety of graphic solutions to brand the venue. We worked closely with Alliance to create a look for the graphics that kept the visual elements consistent around the venue. We provided the creative design as well as the production and installation of the graphics. Graphic solutions started at the entrance of the venue and were present throughout. These included: impact unit, hanging banners, column graphics, bollards, floor stickers, meter signs, 22x28 framed signs, counter graphics, backlit graphics, attendee stickers, stairway graphics, aisle signs, Nook graphics and PPE disposal unit

HLAA - Hearing Loss Association of America

Interior Graphics and Safety Solutions


Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is a leading voice in improving communication access for people with hearing loss. They were in need of interior solutions in their new Rockville, MD headquarters . Our team met with HLAA on how to enhance their branding and visual look as well as safety solutions due to COVID-19.


Our team created a 3D logo that was installed behind their reception desk. The desk was also fitted with a custom sneeze guard to increase safety from COVID-19 exposure. We installed their mission statement as a wall vinyl in their brand colors. We wrapped their glass offices and conference rooms with frosted glass vinyl to add a simple decorative element as well as to provide some privacy inside the rooms.   

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